Rado & Design


Ever since the birth of the brand in the mid-1950s, Rado has chosen its own path rather than following the mainstream – especially when it comes to design and materials. A retrospective of some of Rado’s greatest design hits.


Rado design statement

Design is the cornerstone of Rado’s many groundbreaking timepieces, and it’s also in the brand’s DNA. Learn about Rado's commitment to design, from collaborating with leading designers to running global Rado Star Prize competitions to foster up-and-coming young designers.

Rado's award-winning watches

Rado's unique approach to industrial design has been recognised with more than 35 international design awards. Discover Rado’s impressive array of award-winning timepieces.


We are pleased to share the second issue of the new Rado magazine, True Design. This new issue contains content such as historical articles about Rado’s beginnings, design history, and advertising style; a journalistic overview of the True designers’ series; interviews with CEO Matthias Breschan and design partner Konstantin Grcic; and an exploration of unconventional design fields such as lighting and interaction design.

True Design: Rado's official magazine

The official Rado magazine, True Design, is now available for a digital reading experience. With contributions from leading journalists and photographers, the magazine explores the Rado story in depth and also offers a wealth of insight into the design world, from fashion to architecture to industrial design.