It is no coincidence that the Rado Centrix, with its evocative and sensuous contours, brings to mind the breathtaking, windswept beauty of the desert. The potent, mysterious grace of minerals and sand sculpted by time, in shades of gold, ochre and brown. Such imagery is familiar ground for the gifted watchmaker inventing art from high-tech ceramic, sapphire crystal and precision movements. The new Centrix has much evolved since its introduction in 2010, and continues to highlight the Master of Materials' relentless research in new elements, innovative production technics and harmonious aesthetics. Today's Centrix is the most elegant yet, with unmatched precision and reliability thanks to state-of-the-art movements in both the automatic and quartz versions of the product line.

Remarkable aspects of the new Centrix come clear at first glance. The watch is even more elegant with its gently rounded contours—an absolute delight to human touch. High-tech ceramic wears many different looks but next to skin, it is unmistakable: light, cool, yet incredibly resistant. The latest Centrix brings a softer, more sensuous design that whispers of dunes and desert memories. It comes in different sizes, as did the earlier line, but in slightly larger, more expressive dimensions, with a wider dial opening topped by a glass that runs fully to case edge. The small series is 30.5 mm in diameter while the larger is a proud and irresistible 39.5 mm, full of luxurious gusto. Everywhere, the new Centrix embodies the essence and meaning of the adage "Simplicity is the soul of elegance."

One gorgeous detail spotted immediately is the new, slightly spherical and rounded-edge sapphire crystal that simply invites touch. The former sharp edge has been replaced by a softer, rounded crystal that is bonded flush with the case, pleasing to both hand and eye. Anti-reflective coating has been applied to both faces of the glass. The treatment allows for a clear view of the dial — a stunning piece of watch-designer craft, with its radial, sunray texture, made level after stamping by a layer of lacquer which renders a perfectly smooth, flat surface. The dial comes either in a dark, elegant finish, or in a silver shade where the sunray surface is particularly enticing to the eye. Both light and dark versions provide a fabulous backdrop to the indices available on the different models.

The Rado logo is larger in the new Centrix than previously, while the "Jubilé" inscription makes a comeback on models that carry precious stones on their indices. Laser-enhanced detailing has been added to the crown's anchor-marking to make it more visible. The vertical sides of the case are no longer plainly cylindrical but beautifully rounded, to flow and match the gentler overall design and smoothly merge into a redesigned case back, with a new geometry and fewer markings, as well as a laser-engraved serial number. The case back includes a sapphire crystal on all automatic models, to allow glances inward at the high-quality NivachronTM-hairspring movement and its self-winder mass. Power reserve is 48 hours and 80 hours, respectively, in the smaller and larger models, with precision tested in a full five positions. The quartz versions of the Centrix include their own compelling state-of-the-art features, with computer-chip technology, for instance, that automatically detects and responds to sudden movement or shock, and makes the necessary corrections, to ensure reliable time. These quartz units also offer tremendous accuracy, unaffected by changes in temperature or moisture.

Visual harmony has been finely revisited at every stage of the design process, with lugs and bracelet elements gracefully adapted to case contours throughout. A triple-fold stainless-steel buckle has reliably replaced the former closure, for added security on the new Centrix, your upcoming favourite


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