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Favoured by luxury watchmakers for its incredible marriage of hardness and lightness, high-tech ceramic offers the opportunity to make a unique style statement – easy to achieve with Rado's range of seven captivating colours.


Watchmaker expands True collection and debuts two brand new hues

Rado's latest lineup is getting a bold boost with the new True collection, which features timepieces in eye-catching coloured high-tech ceramic. The brand’s rich chocolate brown wristwatches have been joined by timekeepers in two brand new hues, navy blue and dark green. 


Rado watches dazzle with beautiful lightweight high-tech ceramic

Rado's mission has always been to create watches of everlasting beauty – a mission that led the brand to pioneer the use of high-tech ceramic in watchmaking. 

Indulge your sweet tooth this fall with Rado’s chocolate brown ceramic timepieces

Rado is paying homage to its Swiss roots with an exquisite new range of timepieces in chocolate brown high-tech ceramic.

Rado’s new chocolate brown high-tech ceramic watches

Three sensual Swiss delights join the HyperChrome family

Rado is renowned the world over for its exceptional Swiss quality, award-winning design and unparalleled mastery of materials.

Rado and materials

A Grey Area

For two of the new Rado HyperChrome Ceramic Touch Dual Timer watches, Rado introduces another world first to the watch industry with its polished and matt cool grey high-tech ceramic. As ever, Rado is leading the way when it comes to high-tech materials, with high-tech ceramic in particular taking centre stage for 2014.

Rado Pioneer in High-Tech Materials

Production of a Rado high-tech ceramic watch case

Since its formation Rado’s mission has been to create watches of everlasting beauty. This mission lead to the first use of high-tech ceramic in watchmaking, which has become a well-known brand identifier of Rado watches.

50 Years of Rado DiaStar

In 2012 Rado celebrates the anniversary of the legendary Rado DiaStar

Over the course of a half century, a deep-rooted desire to create lasting beauty has repeatedly led Rado to develop breakthrough materials, including hardmetal, high-tech ceramic, high-tech diamond and Ceramos™.

Basel Lifestyle Novelties


Rado first started producing white high-tech ceramic watches back in the 90’s. Classic, tasteful and chic, white is the colour to be seen in 2011. Whether it’s from head to toe or just one item, this definite colour adds a touch of elegance and refinement to any outfit. And so now, bang on trend, Rado has created new versions in white to selected ranges.